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Radcliffe AC Annual Championships 2024

Every Radcliffe Athletic Club member is eligible to take part in our club championships and there is something for everyone: road, trail, fell and cross country races.

The club championships are a great way to get to know your RAC teammates and cheer each other on, as well as discover new races,

The club is running three separate championships for members in 2024:

You can choose to take part in one or all of them!

Road and Trail Championship

This year's Road and Trail Championship comprises 25 races. These include the races from the Central Lancashire Grand Prix plus others selected by the club to create a year-round championship with lots of options.

There is something for everyone, from a mile to half marathon. Once again it the championship will include a take-over of the 5k Burrs Community Run. There is also a club coach trip to the Monsal Trail 10k.
Prizes are up for grabs in each age category. Members need to complete a minimum of seven races to qualify for the Road and Trail Championship.

Road and Trail Championship Races 2024 

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All races subject to change by organisers. Please check dates when booking. Some of these will sell out based on previous years' events.


Stockport Daffodil 10k - 28/01/2024


Bolton 5km - 11/02/2024

Lostock 6 Mile - 25/02/2024


Trotters 5 Mile - 03/03/2024

Salford 10k - 29/03/2024


Monsal Trail 10k club coach trip - 06/04/2024

Wray Scarecrow 10k - 27/04/2024


Horwich 5.5k - 15/05/2024


Dave Telford memorial 5k Dunham Massey - 06/06/2024

Haigh Hall 4 Mile - 12/06/2024

Tour of Tameside Half Marathon - 15/06/2024 (can only book full tour at present)


Rochdale 10k - 02/07/2024

Black Knight Charge 6 Mile Trail Race - 24/07/2024


Rammy Mile - 06/08/2024

Piethorne 10k - 18/08/2024

Pennington Flash - 25/08/2024

Monton 5 Miler - 26/08/2024


Blackleach - 01/09/2024

Yarrow Splash - 08/09/2024

Worsley Woods Trail Race - 29/09/2024


Manchester Half - 13/10/2024 

Gin Pit - 06/10/2024

Accrington 10k Road Race - 27/10/2024


Burrs take over - 03/11/2024

Last Drop 5k - 17/11/2024

Fell Championship

The Fell Championship comprises the 12 races in the Run the Moor Fell Grand Prix.

Prizes are up for grabs in each age category. Members need to complete a minimum of five races to qualify for the Fell Championship.

See the Run the Moor Races for 2024.

Cross Country Championship

The Cross Country Championship usually starts in October. Details will be announced later in the year.