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Ultra-Marathon Success for Radcliffe Athletes

24 June 2024 (by D.Cartwright)

Last week Radcliffe Athletics Club member Annette McQueen won the ladies race in the 70 mile (113km) ultramarathon event The Wall.

Including a total of 3460ft of elevation, The Wall takes runners through historic Hadrian’s wall country as it traverses the majority of Northern England’s most iconic coast to coast route. Annette finished this extraordinary race in 12 hours, 49 minutes, and 58 seconds, beating the second placed female finisher by more than 10 minutes.

Also representing Radcliffe at The Wall was Warren Simmons who completed the ultra-distance trek from Carlisle Castle to Gateshead Baltic Quay in 16:04:01.

Kath Biddle was also on the ultra-distance last weekend as she completed the 100km Cotswold Ultra. This 2-day event takes runner through an undulating route with amazing scenery. Kath completed the challenge in a total of 17 hours and 18 minutes, but she notes that the worst bit was the 3 hour drive home afterwards!

Elsewhere Laura Aiken ran the Lyme Park Midsummer Trail 10km, finishing in 1:14:52.



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