Bury Livingwaters Church (Close Methodist), Dumers Lane, Radcliffe, M26 2GB.

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Radcliffe AC Annual Championship

The 2022 club championship

Ten points given for attending a championship race: Central Lancashire Grand Prix (CLGP) and Run the Moors (RTM).
Up to a further ten points are given for where you finish in the race.
Additional points are available for:
  • Attending 10 club training sessions (15 points)
  • Attending 5 CLGP races (15 points)
  • Attending 5 RTM races (15 points)
  • Achieving a PB at any distance in 2022 (15 points)
The championship races are:
RTM Hoppits Hill 27/02/2022
RTM Moorhouse’s Stan Bradshaw Pendle Round 05/03/2022
CLGP Bolton 5k 20/03/2022
CLGP Trotters 5 Mile 03/04/2022
RTM Wardle Skyline 09/04/2022
RTM Blackstone Edge 18/05/2022
RTM Leo Pollard Memorial Race 02/06/2022
CLGP Haigh Hall 4 Mile 08/06/2022
RTM Brown Wardle (And A Bit Moor) 15/06/2022
CLGP Radcliffe 5k 26/06/2022
RTM Beater Clough 12/07/2022
RTM Saddleworth Round 07/08/2022
CLGP Ramsbottom Mile 09/08/2022
CLGP Pennington Trail Race 28/08/2022
RTM Grisedale Horseshoe 03/09/2022
CLGP Blackleach 5 Mile Trail 11/09/2022
RTM Thieveley Pike 24/09/2022
CLGP Swinton Trail Race 25/09/2022
RTM Withins Skyline 16/10/2022
CLGP Gin Pit Trail Race Suday 23/10/2022
CLGP Horwich 5 TBC
You can also be able to nominate one wild card, a race of your choosing, to add additional points to your score.
Prizes will be given out in Age Category for:
  • Highest points total
  • Highest race Average
  • Most improved runner
  • Any runner achieving a certain number of points