Central Lancs Grand Prix

The Central Lancs Grand Prix (CLGP) is a series of 10 races, put on by 10 local running clubs, running from February to October. The races vary in length and profile from 1 to 5 miles and are suitable for all abilities. There are individual as well as team prizes to be won, including prizes for everyone that completes at least 9 of the 10 races. You can find more details about the CLGP by following the link below along with a list of each of the races.

CLGP Website

Races / Results for 2018:

Bolton CLGP 5k            18th February 2018   Results

Trotters 5 Mile              4th March 2018        Results

Haigh Hall 4 miles       9th May 2018

Horwich 5                     20th June 2018

Radcliffe 5k                   1st July 2018

Ramsbottom Mile        7th August 2018

Pennington Flash 5      26th August 2018

Blackleach 5 mile          9th September 2018

Swinton 5 1/4 Miles     30th September 2018

Gin Pit 5                         14th October 2018