Race Types

Radcliffe AC Road Run

Road Races

Radcliffe Athletic club exists to promote running in the town. New members are always welcome whether they wish to run socially with friends, competitively, or both. To this end the club gives its members an annual challenge, that of getting to enough road, trail, fell, and cross country races in the club’s championship calendar to qualify for a prize.

During the year there are various leagues and Grand Prix’s taking place from club level to regional ability covering three main areas within the club: Fell Races, Road Races and Cross Country. The club also ventures into relay races. Please see members on club nights for information.

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Download our Role of Honour which consists of all our past Road Race winners.

Trail Run Radcliffe Athletic Club

Trail Races

Trail races are mainly off road, traffic free and soft underfoot. There is less impact on the body’s joints and are beneficial in reducing injuries. Many trail races are connected to charity fund raising events and vary in length. The routes are usually scenic and interesting. In 2015 we have introduced a trail race category to our annual championship.

Radcliffe AC Trail competition:

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Radcliffe Athletic Club Fell Running

Fell Races

The FRA states that all fell runners should carry full body cover, map, compass, hat, gloves and whistle.

Official club vest must be worn in all league fell races to qualify. Fell Racing Leagues. This page is dedicated to those who like to get a bit off the road and get into those lovely hills we have up here on the edge of the West Pennine Moors. If you have any stories/reports about any fell race, let me know.

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Download our Role of Honour which consists of all our past Fell Race winners.

Red Rose Cross Country at Bolton 2014

Cross Country

For those who haven’t entered the cross country league at the club before, we enter both the Red Rose (RR) and South East Lancs (SEL) leagues as a club then enter the names of the runners who have chosen to participate. We just charge one flat fee at the beginning of the season and if you’ve paid your money you’re automatically entered by the cross country manager into all the races below.

Both leagues are separate with their own prizes and you have to complete 3 out of the 4 to complete each seperate league.

It would be great to see some new runners giving cross country a go! We won’t lie – it’s hard work but we have some excellent courses in this area and it is great winter training.

Distances are around 5k for ladies (slightly more in SEL) and 10k for men but it’s not really about the distance as conditions (mud, snow, mud, ice, rain, mud) can vary so much.

You can just enter one race to have a go – you just have to let the cross country manager know and pay on the day.

We are entering the Red Rose CC and South East Lancs CC leagues as usual and there are 4 races in each league.

If you want to qualify for the 2 separate leagues then you’ll need to complete at least 3 Red Rose races and at least 3 SEL races. Don’t forget teams count as well.

You will get 2 numbers – one for each league – and it is ESSENTIAL that you KEEP YOUR NUMBERS and remember to wear the right number to each race. Mistakes are often made at the finishes in CC so it really helps if you always have the right number. Very limited spare numbers are available. As with other club races you must run in your club vest to qualify.

It is £10 to enter all 8 races – a bargain! The cross country manager will need the money as soon as possible please and she will enter you. Please don’t try and enter yourself, it’s slightly different than road and fell races.

If anyone needs any further information please do not hesitate to contact the cross country manager either by email or phone. If you don’t have transport we can always arrange lifts. The cross country manager always needs help and is always appreciated with the gazebo before races.

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Download our Role of Honour which consists of all our past Cross Country Race winners.