James runs a garden half marathon

Runner James Higginson beat the coronavirus blues by completing a half-marathon in his parents’ back garden.
The Radcliffe AC athlete admitted he felt “a little dizzy” after completing around 1,300 lengths of the garden path in 3 hours 15 minutes and 25 seconds.
And he has since estimated that he probably ran closer to 18 miles than the 13 his GPS suggested!
James, who is staying with his parents during the coronavirus restrictions, said: “I’d read about a few people doing similar things and thought it would be fun to get involved.
“I didn’t have a half-marathon booked but I was due to run a 50-mile Long Distance Walkers Association event. I was also preparing for a full lockdown where we wouldn’t be allowed to leave the house, even for exercise.
“The day I did it, it was probably the nicest weather-wise we’ve had for six  months, so on that front it was quite pleasant.
“The first two hours flew by but the last hour dragged a little because by that point I was convinced I had run further than my GPS watch was suggesting. I have since measured the garden path and estimated I ran closer to 18 miles, not 13.
“I knew GPS accuracy would be an issue but if it’s not on Strava it didn’t happen so I persevered!
“I didn’t have a time in mind and it’s more than double my half-marathon personal best. Granted, it is difficult to run particularly quickly coming to a complete stop every eight or nine seconds to turn around!”
James is among the Radcliffe AC athletes who have been continuing to train alone during the coronavirus lockdown, despite the club beng unable to meet at Radcliffe Leisure Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays.
They have been completing training sessions posted by the club on Facebook, Whatsapp and Strava, and sharing their results online.
Some members have also attempted Strava art, using their GPS and running route to spell out RAC on Strava.

Back garden half-marathon runner James Higginson.

James during his half-marathon.


Spelling it out. The RAC Strava art created by members

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