Radcliffe AC Annual Championship

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Last updated 1st August 2018


Championship Structure

This year’s race championship will be based on performances from 19 races including:

  • Your best 10 performances from the Run The Moors (RTM) and Central Lancashire Grand Prix (CLGP) championships.

N.B. There are 10 RTM races and 10 CLGP races so runners are able to focus on one championship if they wish or attempt both and double their chances of gaining a high score.  

  • 4  Cross Country races.
  • 5 “Wildcard” races chosen by individual Radcliffe AC members tailored to suit their own personal tastes.

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1)  Runners are awarded 10 points for every race in which they compete regardless of position.

2)  A further 10 points are available per race depending on how high the runner finishes in the field.

N.B. Points are awarded on a graduated scale with runners finishing in the top 10% of the field receiving the maximum 10 points, runners finishing in the next 10% receiving 9 points and so on and so forth until the bottom 10% where runners receive 1 point.

3)  10 Bonus points are available for each Run the Moors or CLGP race completed.

This makes a grand total of 480 Points.


At the end of the season, three prizes per age and gender category are available:

  1. Highest Points Total – The person with the highest combined score from all the races they have competed in.
  2. Highest Race Average – The person with highest average score per race.
  3. Most Improved – The person whose average score per race has shown the most improvement over the year.

The Small Print

1)  If runners are tied for any of the prizes above the prize will be awarded on the respective runners head to head record.

2)  Runners can pick any recognised race as one of their wildcard choices regardless of distance.

3)  For the avoidance of doubt Park Run and Great Run Local are not recognised races.

4)  Runners must declare their intention to use a race as one of their wildcard choices at least 24 hours prior to running the race.

5)  Runners need to complete a minimum of five races to be considered for Highest Race Average award.

Worked Example

If we take the example of a race with 100 finishers, runners would be awarded the following points:

10 Points for competing in the race.

Plus the following points based on their finishing position:

Finishing Position Points Award

1-10 = 10 points

11-20 = 9 points

21-30 = 8 points

31-40 = 7 points

41-50 = 6 points

51-60 = 5 points

61-70 = 4 points

71-80 = 3 points

81-90 = 2 points

91-100 = 1 point

So a runner finishing 12th would receive 19 points whilst a runner finishing 82nd would receive 12.