14/05/18 Update

  • Girl power at Heaton Park.

RADCLIFFE AC had another great turnout when 39 ran the Haigh Hall 4 mile evening race at Wigan with Neal Emmerson taking a fine fifth place, clocking 24mins 24secs.

Becoming a force to be reckoned with Chris Whittaker took 15th place out of 240 runners with a time of 25mins 49secs. Ian Warrington was close behind in 18th position in 26mins 00secs with Dave McGrath in 20th in 26mins 08secs.

The race was part of the Central Lancs Grand Prix which the club takes part in along with several others clubs and Radcliffe was well-pleased with the turnout at the midweek event.

John Gibbs ran 27mins 23secs and was 28th with Mark Williams, third vet-50 in 27mins 55secs in 31st place and John Wrigley 37th in 28mins 10secs. Vet-50 Rob Lister ran 30mins 11secs: Katie Percival, first woman in for the club, 30mins 29secs: Peter Hunter 30mins 58secs:Mauro Rotondi (V45) 31mins 28secs:Jenny Yates, second woman vet-50, 31mins 39secs same time as Lee Cooper: Mark Garner (V45) 31mins 43secs: Lee Turner (V50) 32mins 09secs: Paula Abernethy (V50) 32mins 20secs:Steve Hamer (V60) 32mins 49secs: Kate Holden (V40) 33mins 01sec:Sarah Scott 34mins 03secs: Nick Barnes 34mins 34secs: Sheila Jones, second vet-60, 34mins 54secs: Paul Barrington (V40) 35mins 09secs: Amanda Callan 35mins 41secs: Kath Davies (V55) 37mins 25secs: Susanne Andrew (V45) 37mins 44secs:Kirsten Cook (V55) 38mins 03secs: Chris Fletcher 38mins 12secs: Katie Benson 38mins 16secs: Caroline Malone (V45) 39mins 10secs: Deborah Barrington (V40) 40mins 41secs: Elaine Bailey (V55) 41mins 16secs: Wayne Holden 41mins 21secs: Debi Warrington (V45) 41mins 54secs: Sarah Rushton (V45) 42mins 55secs: Lisa Donnelly (V50) 43mins 09secs: Andy Wheeler (V60) five minutes faster than last year with 43mins 18secs: Ian Hopkinson (V40) 45mins 37secs: Christine Berry (V50) 45mins 39secs: Sharon Peterkin 45mins 42secs. The men’s team were third and the women’s in sixth place.

Craig Norman was a proud dad when he was second in a 7k race at Burrs Country Park and son Ryan was joint first in a 1k event. But they were not ordinary races they were on a tough obstacle course and the first in this year’s Urban Revolution Obstacle Race Series, boasting more water, more mud and more fun. Ryan, who is just about to join Radcliffe juniors showed how to win when he dived for the line to get his joint first place. His dad said “It was certainly a proud dad moment.”

And cheese was waiting at the end of a race for three runners when they competed in the Blacksticks Blue 10k Road Race at Whitechapel, Preston. They enjoyed the rural course which gave stunning views of the Bowland Fells and Paula Abernethy was eigth woman and first vet-50 when she clocked 48mins 04secs. Sarah Rushton ran 1hr 4mins and Lucy Dewhurst 1hr 6mins. Commemorative Blacksticks Blue cheese went to all competitors.

Taking to two wheels Mark Cartwright had a strong ride when he took on the Velo 29 Tour of the Peaks from Bakewell and covered 115 miles and 11,000 feet of climbing. And Ian Hopkinson rode the Lancashire Lanes Sportive, 83 miles and 3,000 feet of climbing in 6.5 hours, including climbing the infamous Sheephouse Lane at Rivington.

In the popular parkruns Chris Whittaker had a pb at Bolton and was fourth in 19mins 14secs and Mark Garner had a pb with 22mins 24secs and was second vet-45. Ken Smith (V60) ran 23mins 46secs: Steve Hamer (V60) 24mins 37secs: Paul Barrington (V40) 24mins 58secs: Kath Davies (V55) 27mins 29secs: Deborah Barrington (V40) 31mins 23secs Debi Warrington (V40) 31mins 49secs and Lucy Dewhurst and Sarah Rushton 36mins 17secs. At Heaton Park John Gibbs was 14th in a time of 19mins 04secs: Peter Hunter ran 23mins 38secs: Sheila Jones (V60) 23mins 52secs: Nick Barnes 23mins 28secs: Caroline Mullineaux (V40) 24mins 59secs: junior Ben Derbyshire 29mins 01sec: Lisa Donnelly (V50) 30mins 34secs: Iain Harris (V65) 30mins 53secs: Jen Entwistle 31mins 16secs: Sarah Oxley 31mins 32secs and Amanda Derbyshire 32mins 10secs.

Rob Lister ran the Barrow-in-Furness Parkrun and was sixth in a time of 20mins 51secs.

Another great turnout for Radcliffe.

Another great turnout for Radcliffe.

Say cheese....three take on the Blacksticks Blue 10k

Say cheese….three take on the Blacksticks Blue 10k

Girl power at Heaton Park.

Girl power at Heaton Park.

Overcoming all obstacles proud dad Craig and son Ryan.

Overcoming all obstacles proud dad Craig and son Ryan.

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